Turnkey Instruments Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality industrial and scientific instrumentation, ranging from heavy vehicle brake testers to air quality monitoring equipment. Over the years, we have gained a reputation for supplying reliable, easy-to-use instrumentation to a wide range of industries, especially mining, quarrying, rail transportation and the world’s police forces. Since all our products are designed and developed by us, we understand them entirely, and the service and calibration support we offer for them is second to none. We have no need to rely on other manufacturers to serve our customers. Turnkey Instruments Ltd was founded in 1990, initially with one just one employee and one product. The company moved to Gadbrook Park, Northwich in September 1991, and today we have over 20 employees and a wide range of products for environmental monitoring, off-road and on-road vehicle compliance. We also have subsidiary companies in Australia and South Africa, together with sales agencies in numerous other countries throughout the world.
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