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High Frequency Current Transformer 39mm Clamp

Product introduction

High Frequency Current Transformer 39mm Clamp is an inductive sensor for Partial Discharge detection. It can provide a very accurate, non-contact, non-destructive PD signal for all kinds of PD detectors. It is suitable for on/off line PD tests on many electrical systems such as transformers, reactor, cables, and rotating machines.

Technical Data
Frequency range: 0.3~100 MHz
Transfer impedance: ≥18 mV/mA(max)
Load Impedance: 50 Ω
Operating temperature: -60℃~80℃
Sensitivity: ≤1 pC
Connection: BNC / TNC(Optional)
Protection Degree:IP57 / IP68(Optional)

HFCT Sensor Range
HFCT sensor Dimensions
φ 39 : 123 * 123 * 28 mm
φ 50 : 123 * 123 * 28 mm
φ 60 : 145 * 143 * 28 mm
φ 106 : 190 * 90 * 30 mm

▪ Do NOT let the sensor contact permanent magnet material for a long time.
▪ Make sure lock tightly before the test.
▪ Mare sure the current direction is the same as the arrow pointing in the sensor.

Test Response

Under 1000kV transformer, reactor, bushing,cables and rotating machines;Under 110kV cables.
▪ Connection:
It can be fixed directly to the grounding connection of the system under test without
▪ Online PD Monitoring:
HFTC can do PD measurement without disconnection.
It can be carried out without an outage.
HFCT sensors don’t need any power supply,just need a connection with the main device.