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Ronaldo Cable Fault Locator

Product introduction

The Ronaldo Cable Fault Locator manufactured by Beijing KGT is mainly composed of Ronaldo HV (High Voltage) Generator and TDR-RT Time Domain Reflectometer, including various Pre-location methods, such as low voltage pulse method, ICM (impulse current method ), ARM measurement( Arc reflection method), X-axis method auxiliary locating method. It can resolve the malfunctions and locate the fault points, which contains low resistance, high resistance, intermittent, flashover,leak and disconnection fault on various cables of 380V, 6KV, 10KV, 35KV,110KV, 220kV.TDR-RT reflection method can locate disconnected and low resistance faults, which is also able to measure the full length of the cable or correct the wave speed. Big wheels make it easy for customer to use at any site.

▪ High Surge Energy: Up to 1800 J
▪ Reflection Measurement
▪ Multiple Pre-locating Methods:
-Low Voltage Pulse Method
-ICM (impulse current method )
-ARM Measurement( Arc reflection method)
-X-axis Auxiliary Locating Method
▪ All-in-one Design
▪ Locating Distance: Up to 100km
▪ Rail Transit
▪ Power Grid
▪ Power Plant
▪ Petrochemical
▪ Cable Plant
▪ New Energy
▪ Metallurgy