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SFA2000 SF6 Gas Analyser

Product introduction

The SFA2000 SF 6 is a fully-automatic zero-emissions SF6 gas analyser, designed for controlling and monitoring the quality and purity of gas used in high voltage switchgear, circuit breakers and transformers. Exceptional accuracy and stability are provided when measuring the purity of SF 6 gas, through specially selected sensors. The modular configuration allows for up to eight compatible gases to be analysed, simulta-neously, using one analyser. The SFA2000 is fully compatible with mixtures of SF 6 , CF 4 , N 2 and air, together with toxic contamination gases such as SO 2 , H 2 , HF, H 2 S and CO. The unit also measures the water content of the gas in dewpoint or ppm to ensure dryness is acceptable.

Though highly configurable to suit individual customer requirements, the SFA2000 SF6 Pump Back has a number of standard features to enhance functionality.
▪ Comply with IEEE Std C37.122.3-2011
▪ Chilled mirrior
▪ Simultaneously analyze 8 gases (SF6 ,SO 2 ,H 2 S,HF,H 2 (O 2 ),SF 6 ,CF 4 ,CO)
▪ Dew point sensor
▪ Modular sensor choice
▪ 7” full-colour touchscreen
▪ Vacuum line purge
▪ Walk away timer
▪ Auto abort function
▪ Auto clean function
▪ Fully automatic testing and data logging
▪ Gas cylinder testing mode
▪ Vehicle charger
▪ Inbuilt CIGRE & IEC Tests
Typical applications include:

▪ Controlling SF6 quality in gas insulated high voltage switches, bus bars, circuit breakers and transformers
▪ Checking for the build-up of corrosive decomposition products such as SO2 present in SF6 gas
▪ Measuring the moisture content of SF6 gas
▪ Applying a condition based maintenance program (CBM) to extend the life cycle of the SF6 gas
▪ Gas insulated high-voltage medical equipment
▪ Magnesium and aluminium production
▪ Medical monitoring and analysis, such as within Ophthalmology applications
▪ Recovery and storage of gases for analysis or recycling
▪ Testing SF6 process gas within semiconductor manufacturing
▪ Detecting the presence of leaks and SF6 discharge