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T-9 Handheld Micro Ohmmeters

Product introduction

The T-9 is a battery-powered, handheld circuit resistance tester that uses state-of-the-art technology.T-9 is ideally suited for field and factory environments. The simplecontrol panel design makes the device particularly easy to operate. T-9 is different from the current micro-ohmmeters on the market, it can automatically and steadily output ripple-free current to ensure accurate test results.The high-capacity Li-Po battery (5600mAh) enables T-9 to perform continuous loop resistance testing while generating up to 250A DC ripple-free current.T-9's internal storage unit can store more than 1,000 sets of test data.

▪ Portable--only 1.25kg
▪ High power - 250A high current output
▪ Simple UI design
▪ Data transmission by handset software
▪ Longest optional 15m test wire
Circuit Breaker Test
▪ Circuit breaker contact testing
▪ Circuit breaker connection testing
Busbar testing
▪ Busbar connection point test
▪ Connection test
▪ All high current occasions for testing resistance
▪ Switch
▪ Lsolation device
▪ Safety ground connection
▪ Welding spot
▪ Fuse wire
▪ Cable