Demron Class 2  Radiation Protection Suit

Demron Class 2 Radiation Protection Suit

The Demron™ Radiation Protection Suit is a class 2 style CBRN suit. The suit was engineered to provide universal protection against chemical, biological, non-ionizing radiation, and ionizing radiation. Demron™ reduces heat stress by allowing better heat dissipation than any other impermeables.
  • Brand Introduction:
  • Radiation Shield Technologies (RST) is the world leader in the research, design and production of personal protection systems for ionizing and nuclear radiation. The company’s core technology, Demron™ , is specifically engineered to combine radiation protection with “ease of use” in order to maximize effective radiological defense. RST’s primary goal is to ensure that all Demron™ products are of the highest protective quality. This is achieved by working closely with our end users, developing new standards of personal radiation protection, and meeting the specific needs of those groups most at risk of exposure. After almost a decade of development, RST is proud to introduce Demron™ to the industries, governments and everyday people who, until now, have had no options for true personal radiation protection.
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放射源 辐射种类 能量 剂量减少程度
50kvp X射线 50kV ≥75%
75kvp X射线 75kV ≥60%
100kvp X射线 100kV ≥60%
241Am γ射线 4.9% 20.8kV
13.3% 13.9keV
19.3% 17.8keV
35.7% 59.54keV
109Cd γ射线 22keV 主要
88keV 次要
137Cs γ射线 0.662MeV ≈1%
60Co γ射线 1.173MeV
90Sr/90Y β粒子 546keV(Sr)
测试 DEMRON-W NFPA 1994 class 2标准要求
爆裂强度 >157lbf ≥35lbf
穿刺撕裂强度 >37lbf ≥7lbf
断裂强度 >15lbf ≥7lbf
低温表现 <0.0096Nm ≤0.057Nm
NFPA 1994-class 2 TICs测试 通过
NFPA 1994-class 2 战剂测试 通过
病毒穿透测试 通过
放射源 DEMRON-W 通用PPE防护服
α粒子 √/×
高能β射线 ×
γ射线 ×
X射线 ×
测试 DEMRON-W 通用PPE防护服
散热测试 >183W/m2 120W/m2
Technical Support: 杨欢欢 After-sales Support: 程璐
Contact: 010-68460051 Contact: 010-68460051
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  • Demron Radiation Torso Vest
  • The Demron® Radiation Torso Vest has been tested by the Department of Energy, and confirmed to be effective in shielding for various forms or ionizing radiation. The specific molecular engineering of the Demron® compound provides protection against X-Ray and low energy Gamma emissions, as well as high and low energy Beta and Alpha particles. The Demron® torso vest is constructed with two layers of Demron® fabric, providing increased shielding to the vital organs.
  • RadFox The combined radioactivity and metal detector
  • In Contrary to the positive use of radiation, for example in nuclear medicine, radiation can also have negative effects to human bodies. Therefore it is the task of public bodies like police, fire brigade, customs, civil defence or disaster control to protect human population for the negative effects or radiation in case of accidents or terrorist attacks.
  • L Block Shield
  • The Standard “L” shield is the favorite as a drawing station and as a storage shield for unit doses with easy access. Side shields or lead brick may be used to form walls when the Standard shield is used to store higher activity or for additional shielding. Capintec offers shields with lead greater than the standard 1/2" when working with afterloaders or PET products.
  • PET Unit Dose Cab
  • Compact 30 inch design for PET hot labs with limited space. Raised dose calibrator readout mount for easy viewing Countersunk calibrator chamber mount Waste Penetration fits shielded sharps container Supports 511 L-Blocks Stainless steel countertop and 1” Lead Shielding standard