Across the oceans, just to give you the best!

Here at OMICRON, we work passionately on innovative ideas for designing safe and reliable electrical power systems. Beneficiaries as diverse as energy supply companies, industrial concerns, and manufacturers of products for generating and distributing electrical energy all stand to gain from our efforts. All around the world, our customers trust our proven testing, diagnostic, and monitoring solutions. OMICRON stands for innovation. Our pioneering solutions are the result of our natural curiosity and our ability to think outside of the box. We love to experiment, we enjoy a challenge and we don't give up, meaning that we are continually setting groundbreaking standards in our industry.
Our products and solutions are functional and precise, easy to use, and are manufactured with an extremely high level of quality. Yet innovation not only applies to our technology – innovation can also be found in how we shape our working environment and work together as a team with partners and customers. We engage with our customers as equal partners; by sharing our knowledge and expertise, helping them with our solutions, and ensuring that they can rely on our comprehensive technical support, we can all grow together.