Fishery Industry and Ocean Research
Maritime research field is a new type of industry in domestic. It through the sea water temperature, current, light, salinity, dissolved oxygen, meteorological factors, water depth, submarine topography, bait organisms and so on to make analysis which from qualitative to quantitative. Also it will apply the results to guide the fishery production, promote fishery research, large animal and plant distribution and sea condition monitoring, early warning of Marine disasters, etc.. The field has a broad application prospect and huge potential application.
AT6101DR Spectrometer
AT6101DR Multifunction portable spectrometer is designed for radionuclide identification, 40K, 226Ra, 232Th natural radionuclide content measurement, 134Cs and 137Cs man-made radionuclide surface activity in situ measurement in soils and subsoils, as well as specific 137Cs, 134Cs and 131I radionuclide activity measurement in water, foodstuffs, agricultural and forestry products without preliminary sampling.
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